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Thanks to all who participated in the VanBrewers Awards 2024: A Canadian National BOTY Qualifier.

There were 216 entries judged and 94 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stJosh DavisDeep Navel26B: Belgian DubbelGTA Brews
2ndRon McReavyNo-Pressure Pils5D: German PilsGTA Brews
3rdPaul HeslopJusteis9B: EisbockCowtown Yeast Wranglers

Best Brewer (66 Participating Brewers)

1stPaul Heslop23012.02 Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndChad Kling31011.03 VanBrewers
3rdCasey Szott2017.02 Cowtown Yeast Wranglers

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Club of the Year (17 Participating Clubs)

1stCowtown Yeast Wranglers66838.06
2ndGTA Brews38429.03

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Standard American Beer (10 entries)

1stChad KlingCluster Hops Alas27A6: Pre-Prohibition LagerVanBrewers
2ndPaul Heslop2 Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps1B: American LagerCowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdShaun HillHiller Genuine Draft1B: American LagerCowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 2: International/Czech Pale Lager (11 entries)

1stBrent BurgoyneBrown Dog Czech Lager3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerIsland Brewers Union
2ndJordan KathnelsonWicked Felina2A: International Pale LagerOttawa Homebrew Society
3rdGraham BallantyneNot Småll2A: International Pale LagerVanBrewers

Table 3: Amber European Beer (12 entries)

1stChad KlingBlaze On7A: Vienna LagerVanBrewers
2ndWuilmer VenegasSummer Is Coming6A: MärzenGTA Brews
3rdCarsten WeitemeyerBairisch No. 96C: Dunkels BockGTA Brews
HMMiro SepFabian 14.13C: Czech Amber LagerOttawa's Homebrew Society

Table 4: Dark Lager (12 entries)

1stAdam BassDrunk Uncle Dunkel8A: Munich Dunkel
2nd H CavenyDark Side Of The Tracks3D: Czech Dark LagerRed Deer Brewers
3rdLennart BeckerDas Kleine Schwarze8B: SchwarzbierVanBrewers

Table 5: Other IPA (12 entries)

1stCasey SzottStr8jkt Jr21B: Specialty IPA Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndMichael SzewczukHeavy Hitter21A: American IPARed Deer Brewers
3rdWesley d'HaeneJam Those Hops In My Pie Hole22A: Double IPACowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 6: Hazy IPA (10 entries)

1stCasey SzottStr8jkt21C: Hazy IPACowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndAdam BassHazy As She Goes21C: Hazy IPA
3rdMatthew SzojkaNz Stair Stumbler V221C: Hazy IPACowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 7: Strong Ale and Lager (12 entries)

1stPaul HeslopJusteis9B: EisbockCowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndChad KlingBelsnickel Bock9A: Doppelbock VanBrewers
3rdMatt BallykRemington Steele17A1: Burton AleGTA Brews

Table 8: Pale German Lager (11 entries)

1stRon McReavyNo-Pressure Pils5D: German PilsGTA Brews
2ndPaul HeslopThe Fest Of Us 4B: FestbierCowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdRobert Brown
Co-Brewer: Jessica Lopez
Phoenix 5D: German PilsRed Deer Brewers

Table 9: Kolsch (9 entries)

1stJames KennedyMaking Things Yourself Is Important5B: KölschGTA Brews
2ndDavid Ward
Co-Brewer: Scott Lechelt
If You Ain't First You're Last5B: KölschCowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdJoss HappyRhymes With Kolsch5B: KölschGTA Brews

Table 10: UK and Irish Ale (10 entries)

1stChad KlingBeam Me Up Scotty 14C: Scottish ExportVanBrewers
2ndKyle KellamThis World An Island, Isolated11B: Best BitterGTA Brews
3rdChad McCarthyNot So Ordinary Bitter11A: Ordinary BitterVanBrewers

Table 11: Brown British Beer (9 entries)

1stKevin O'ReillyLondon Porter13C: English PorterNorth Bay Homebrewers Club
2ndWuilmer VenegasLana Brown 13B: British Brown AleGTA Brews
3rdSteve ShawMild Thing13A: Dark MildWinnipeg Brew Bombers

Table 12: Dark British and Irish Beer (10 entries)

1stDoug CharlishOatmeal Stout16B: Oatmeal StoutCowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndNick HodowskySpreadsheets And Rye16D: Foreign Extra StoutGTA Brews
3rdShane SchlesingerDarksaber16B: Oatmeal StoutGTA Brews

Table 13: Pale American Ale (10 entries)

1stWesley d'HaeneCheck It, Who Wants To Disrespect?18B: American Pale AleCowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndShane SchlesingerBig Day!18A: Blonde AleGTA Brews
3rdCasey SzottLap Dog18B: American Pale AleCowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 14: Sour and Farmhouse Beer (13 entries)

1stSean O'DonnellUnfortunate Search Results25B: Saison Ottawa's Homebrew Society
2ndJohn RuyterSaison25B: Saison Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdFrank SchneidawindSummerlong23C: Oud BruinMontreAlers

Table 15: German Wheat (9 entries)

1stFrank Schneidawind
Co-Brewer: Glen Appleby
Philippa32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer MontreAlers
2ndWuilmer VenegasLa Margara10A: WeissbierGTA Brews
3rdJosh WrightHugh Hefeweizen10A: WeissbierVanBrewers

Table 16: Belgian Strong (13 entries)

1stJosh DavisDeep Navel26B: Belgian DubbelGTA Brews
2ndJosh DavisUngoliant's Laurelin26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleGTA Brews
3rdJohn RuyterDubbel26B: Belgian DubbelCowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 17: American Amber, Brown and Dark (12 entries)

1stSean O'DonnellSundown20A: American PorterOttawa's Homebrew Society
2ndPaul HeslopBlack Snake Jake20C: Imperial StoutCowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdWesley d'HaeneTwo Poles On The Imaginary Axis20A: American PorterCowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 18: Fruit Beer (13 entries)

1stMarc RaymondBerry Cherry Berliner 29A: Fruit Beer VanBrewers
2ndSteve ShawPogdor29A: Fruit Beer Winnipeg Brew Bombers
3rdJoel DipertDaisy Chain29A: Fruit Beer Cowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 19: Spiced Beer (6 entries)

1stMike PalPepper Wheat30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Battle River Brewers
2ndKyle KellamYou Don't Have To Know If You Don't Wanna Know30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer GTA Brews
3rdSteve ShawWhiteout30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Winnipeg Brew Bombers

Table 20: Specialty Beer (12 entries)

1stPaul HeslopLemony Snicket34C: Experimental Beer Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndDavid Ward
Co-Brewer: Scott Lechelt
The Boss34C: Experimental Beer Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdJoel DipertGolden Slumbers34B: Mixed-Style Beer Cowtown Yeast Wranglers