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Thanks to all who participated in the VanBrewers Awards 2023: A Canadian National BOTY Qualifier.

There were 169 entries judged and 105 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stMike PalSaint Mike's Benedictine Blessed Fantastic Monastic 1226D: Belgian Dark Strong AleBattle River Brewers
2ndSean O’DonnellSnow Mode15C: Irish Extra StoutKABOB
3rdFrank SchneidawindRubicon23B: Flanders Red AleMontreAlers

Best Brewer (75 Participating Brewers)

1stChad Kling1207.01 VanBrewers
2ndSimon Droscher2006.02 VanBrewers
3rdFrank Schneidawind1105.01 MontreAlers
Brian Marmoreo1025.01
Sean O’Donnell1105.01 KABOB

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Club of the Year (20 Participating Clubs)

2ndCowtown Yeast Wranglers32316.03
3rdGTA Brews14415.01

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Winning Entries

Table 1: International Lager (8 entries)

1stBrian MarmoreoDespair 3A: Czech Pale Lager
2ndPaul Heslop2 Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps1B: American LagerCowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdBrian MarmoreoSam Hain2B: International Amber Lager

Table 2: Amber Lager (10 entries)

1stKris Walter
Co-Brewer: Braden Walter
Get To The Choppa! (Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice)7A: Vienna LagerEdmonton Homebrewers Guild
2ndShane SchlesingerMowmow6A: MärzenGTA Brews
3rdMarc-Alexandru DobrescuJunibier6A: MärzenMontreAlers

Table 3: Strong Lager & Ale (10 entries)

1stSteve FawkesLand Of The Ice And Snow9C: Baltic PorterCowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndChad KlingBelsnickel Bock9A: Doppelbock VanBrewers
3rdPaul HeslopNessie17C: Wee HeavyCowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 4: German Wheat Beer (8 entries)

1stPatrick BrownIt's Not Rhubarb23A: Berliner WeisseGTA Brews
2ndPatrick PaughThe Original Hazy10A: WeissbierIsland Brewers Union
3rdMarc-Alexandru DobrescuOxymoron10B: Dunkels WeissbierMontreAlers

Table 5: Irish & UK Ale (13 entries)

1stAndrew FosterBrown13B: British Brown Ale
2ndBrady MacDonaldBig Red15A: Irish Red AleBattle River Brewers
3rdRiccardo SantopietroHello Jen!15A: Irish Red AleMontreAlers

Table 6: American Pale Ale (13 entries)

1stNicholas WilliamsI Wish They All Could Be California Ales18B: American Pale Ale
2ndRobert BrownThe Chad18B: American Pale AleEdmonton Homebrewers Guild
3rdJon Le HurayUsed To Be Blonde18B: American Pale AleVanBrewers

Table 7: Stout (6 entries)

1stSean O’DonnellSnow Mode15C: Irish Extra StoutKABOB
2ndReginald P. Picklefeather IIIRude Bwoy16C: Tropical StoutGTA Brews
3rdBrady MacDonaldMy Pal Mike16A: Sweet StoutBattle River Brewers

Table 8: Amber & Brown American Beer (8 entries)

1stJesse OwensFor My Next Impression....19A: American Amber AleMontreAlers
2ndCory FletcherCoco C'mon!19B: California CommonGTA Brews
3rdMatt KingMinotaur19A: American Amber AleGTA Brews

Table 9: Hazy IPA (7 entries)

1stCasey SzottThrowdown V5 - Hbc-58621C: Hazy IPACowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndBrent BurgoyneBrown Dog Hazy IPA21C: Hazy IPAIsland Brewers Union
3rdWesley d'HaeneQuaternary Transmit Dispersion21C: Hazy IPACowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 10: Non-Hazy IPA (9 entries)

1stGreig FrostadAmerican IPA21A: American IPAAle & Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan
2ndNathan Chung
Co-Brewer: Darryl Ma
Cold IPA21B: Specialty IPA Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rdJosh DavisAreola Grande V2 - Cold Nip Edition21A: American IPAGTA Brews

Table 11: Saison & Flanders Ale (10 entries)

1stFrank SchneidawindRubicon23B: Flanders Red AleMontreAlers
2ndMike VandervoortChloe's Summer Bier25B: Saison Durham Homebrewers Club
3rdCarsten Weitemeyer72 Saisons Straight25B: Saison GTA Brews

Table 12: Strong & Monastic Belgian Ale (11 entries)

1stMike PalSaint Mike's Benedictine Blessed Fantastic Monastic 1226D: Belgian Dark Strong AleBattle River Brewers
2ndMike VandervoortChloe25A: Belgian Blond AleDurham Homebrewers Club
3rdClaudia Cunha
Co-Brewer: Helio Lambais
Canadian Monk 26B: Belgian DubbelVanBrewers

Table 13: Wheat Beer (7 entries)

1stRyan GibsonPioneer 1224A: Witbier
2ndMarcelo PanizaMoon Station24A: WitbierGTA Brews
3rdMarc-Alexandru DobrescuBbq Beer27A5: Piwo GrodziskieMontreAlers

Table 14: German Pale Lager (8 entries)

1stChad KlingThe Connection: Callista5D: German PilsVanBrewers
2ndChad KlingRun Like A Leichtbier 5A: German LeichtbierVanBrewers
3rdDavid M Chang-SangUrsula: The Baroness Of Munchen V2.04A: Munich HellesGTA Brews

Table 15: American Wild Ale (9 entries)

1stSimon DroscherHip Hib Hooray28C: Wild Specialty Beer VanBrewers
2ndFrank SchneidawindLa Culbute - Brett28A: Brett Beer MontreAlers
3rdMarc RaymondFeijoa Sour28C: Wild Specialty Beer VanBrewers

Table 16: Fruit Beer (10 entries)

1stClaudia Cunha
Co-Brewer: Helio Lambais
Le Jus Du Printemps 29A: Fruit Beer VanBrewers
2ndSteve ShawSoniarita29A: Fruit Beer Winnipeg Brew Bombers
3rdBrian MarmoreoLunatic 29A: Fruit Beer

Table 17: Spiced Beer (11 entries)

1stMatthew SzojkaMaryna's Tears V230C: Winter Seasonal Beer Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
2ndSean O’DonnellJolly Mullet30C: Winter Seasonal Beer KABOB
3rdWesley d'HaeneChocolate On My Drumset30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Cowtown Yeast Wranglers

Table 18: Specialty & Wood Aged Beer (11 entries)

1stSimon DroscherYule Get Wood33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer VanBrewers
2ndDom Labre
Co-Brewer: Marc Andre Turcotte J-S Lacombe Éric Williams
Bourbon Barrel Imp. Stout33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Ottawas Homebrew Society
3rdChad McCarthyRice Is Nice34C: Experimental Beer VanBrewers